Distribution and supply of electric energy

Industrial park Stúrovo is the owner and operator of the local distribution system.

Industrial park is connected to the superior system with two connectors 110kV V 8881 a V 8882.
Transformer station with the possibility of max. 50MW connection is equipped with two transformers as follows:
T 101  110/23/6,3kV 25/25/15 MVA type ETR31M-0 – 2015
T 102   110/6,3kV 25MVA typ 8ERH 31 M-0, – 1987

The original HV distribution system is built on a voltage level of 6.3 kV.

Reconstruction of the supply fields and transformers in 2015 made it possible to connect to the area distribution system HV 22 kV.

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