Railway of industrial area

The railway of Industrial park has an overall length of approx. 34.7 km and joins the companies in the area.

Is connected to the international railway line through IV. corridor, leading from :
Dresden (DB) through ČD – Kúty – Bratislava – Štúrovo (Rajka) to MÁV, CFR, BDŽ, and CH to Istanbul (TCDD).


River port

The Port of the Industrial park is located on the European Route for River Transport,
navigable channel no. VII Danube – Mohan – The Rhine, is in direct connection with the North Sea to Rotterdam and with the Black Sea to the Constantine.

The harbor is located on land with a total area of 3.65 hectares and is located on the left bank of the Danube in the range of 1760-1722.

Total usable length of the port is 200m, extension is possible.

The port is attached to the railway system of the park.